Karen Siplin-Schwartz


6/15 - Karen is currently working on her next novel.

5/08 - Whiskey Road in Bookstores.

1/07 - Whiskey Road will be published as a trade paperback original by Washington Square Press May 2008.

12/05 - Atria Books has purchased Karen's third novel, Whiskey Road: a love story

10/05 - BenBella Books will publish a short story by Karen in the anthology This is Chick-Lit (edited by Lauren Baratz-Logsted) Fall 2006

9/05 - Kensington Books will publish a mass market paperback edition of His Insignificant Other September 2006

5/05 - Thanks to Michelle Whitney Evans for choosing Such a Girl as May's Readers' Circle selection!

5/05 - Looking Up From the Lowest Rung...Such a Girl still in South Carolina!

This month's Readers' Circle selection, "Such a Girl" by Karen Siplin, touches on the behind-the-scenes workings of a fancy hotel. The novel's main character, Kendall Stark, is a hotel telephone operator — a position at the lowest rung of the hotel caste system, a job that falls below even maid, according to Kendall.
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5/05 - Hotel phone calls: Better than daytime TV... Such a Girl in South Carolina's The State

Kendall Stark is a telephone operator at a luxurious New York hotel. Kendall, the main character of the Readers' Circle selection, "Such a Girl" by Karen Siplin, finds her job boring compared to her friends' careers. There is one part of the job she loves...
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5/05 - Bringing Austen Into the 21st Century...Such a Girl is the May Readers' Circle selection

Some readers may find this story of love delayed a familiar one. Siplin admits that Such a Girl is influenced by Jane Austen's novel Persuasion. "I wanted to write a novel that proves we judge people by what they own, how much they make and how successful they are, and that using these three elements to determine who we love and who we want to be friends with is a recipe for disaster," Siplin says. "An author who consistently proves this point well is Jane Austen. I was a big Jane Austen fan in high school. My favorite Austen novel is Persuasion because of its scathing commentary on society and the premise that great love defies bad judgment."
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4/05 - Property Porn...Such a Girl makes an appearance in The New York Observer

As the real-estate bubble expands, it's no surprise that publishers are churning out books in which New Yorkers' lives are entwined with their lairs. At Makor on April 6, four authors discussed various social worlds—a tony Park Avenue apartment building, the cultural melting pot in Morningside Heights and life in a midtown luxury hotel. Once the roughly 30-person audience was loosened up with free wine, a more provocative question was raised: Is Manhattan real estate the new pornography?

4/05 - Young Vallejo Martial Artist Comes of Age ... Such a Girl in Vallejo Times Herald

Three and a half hours before he would fight, Blankenship sat in the bleachers reading the literary equivalent of a chick flick, "Such a Girl" by Karen Siplin, while Stroughter napped peacefully and father Clarence Blankenship listened to "assorted jazz." See full article here

3/05 - Such a Girl in paperback

12/04 - The State's book club, The Readers' Circle, has chosen Such a Girl as its May 2005 Book Club selection. See article here.

7/04 - Paperback edition of His Insignificant Other in bookstores

His Insignificant Other in Serbia
His Insignificant Other
in Serbia

6/04 - His Insignificant Other in Serbia

12/03 - Such a Girl has been chosen as a Black Expressions Book Club Main Selection

3/03 - Such a Girl will be published March 2004

8/02 - Atria Books has purchased Karen's second novel, Such a Girl

7/02 - Kensington Books will publish the paperback edition of His Insignificant Other in 2004

6/30/02 - Washington is Also Reading... His Insignificant Other makes an appearance in the Washington Post.

6/16/02 - His Insignificant Other is No. 6 on Black Images Book Bazaar's Best Seller list. (Reported by The Dallas Morning News)

6/14/02 - His Insignificant Other is No. 8 on Mitchie's Bookstore's Top Seller List in Austin, Texas

6/02 - Yugoslavian publisher Narodna Knjiga will publish a Serbian edition of His Insignificant Other